Delivery Terms

Delivery Terms

1. Due to the current Covid situation and the resulting lockdown the courier companies associated with us may take a little longer than usual as usual services like trains are not available

2. We are an organic farming company and have selected 2 of the most renowned courier agencies to manage our deliveries with utmost due diligence, any delay in the courier due to reasons unknown won’t be the responsibility of the company.

3. Growing of a plant is a natural process and it requires proper care to nurture it well inorder to get good fruits. Kindly ensure appropriate watering and feeding with manure is done properly to fruiting plants for best results

4. We take utmost care to ensure the product reaches in its best form as advertised to the customers, however if due to any act or accident during the transit of the product, it’s responsibility won’t be taken by the company

5. It is assumed that the customer placing an order through the website or otherwise have read through these important points and then placing an order.