Indoor Growing Products

Grow Your Own – Vegetables and Leafy Vegetables

Now you can grow your own veggies at your own home like…

Tomato | Chilli | Ladyfinger | Cabbage | Brinjal | Karela

– 100% organic
– Desi variety seeds
– Best to taste

Duration: Germinates within a week
Yield: Upto 1 to 2 kgs of vegetables a month

Fresh vegetables start growing in a month!

Reusable kit for over 100 times again and again
Follow simple steps to grow, even a 3 year old can plant it!

Grow your own leafy veggies hygienically at your own home like…

Palak (Spinach) | Methi (Fenugreek) | Dhaniya (Corriender) | Wheat Grass | Radish | Sweet Basil

A unique Hydroponic Kit that is pure organic

– Just add water
– Keep the kit inside the house
– No sunlight needed

Duration: 7 days 
So it’s advisable to grow one on Monday to get its harvest next Monday and so on for each day of the week


Summer winter or Rains Now you can grow your own leafy vegetables in all seasons in the most hygienic way


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